Visualize your models

26 January, 2008

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Happy new year!

Way back in December I found an awesome article by Cakeexplorer on a script to build an image of your db schema. I had been meaning to write such a script for some time, it was great to have it already ticked off the to-do list.

There was one thing that I didn't like too much: it ran off the tables in the db rather than the models in your app/models folder. Roll on a month and a bit and I still haven't heard back re the comment I left on cakeexplorer's site with an updated script (which remains spookily unpublished), so the updates I added to make it do that are stuck in a bakery article. There's a screencast (first attempt at a screencast, don't have overly high expectations!) too of the script in action. Such a gem should be given as much visibility as possible IMO.

Check out the script, check out the 'cast, and above all...

Bake on!