The last Paginate

18 August, 2006

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Over the past couple of days, I finally got around to putting a few updates in place to the pagination code I wrote a while ago. Especially in light of Nate's recent post I think I'll call it a day at that ;)

I've updated the Pagination package to be tidier and easier to edit, and adding the possibility to paginate ajax form results as well as including simple select lists for sort and number of pages (Something I inadvertently removed from a previous version of the code on CakeForge by overwriting the work of crazylegs).

The source code for the demos on this site is available via the download links at the top of any of the pagination pages, the most interesting updates are

Ajax Form Example

Select Example

Ajaxed Select example

I do hope that the examples give sufficient insight as to how to use the component and helper to their fullest... until Nate renders then obsolete ;)