The Heat is on

15 July, 2006

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Had a major panic yesterday.

Recently I got bored of moving files around from this machine to the other.. so I put everything on my laptop. I've also been using my laptop on the journey to work and back (on the tram), an easy way to gain 2 useful hours, which would otherwise be spent licking the window.

However, when I tried to check my mails yesterday evening I found my laptop completely unresponsive - the standard 'flash' screen displayed when it was turned on, but that was it; it wasn't possible even to enter the BIOS. As the warenty expired some time ago - I started undoing screws and removing bits to see if I could isolate what the problem was. Nope - seemed as if something fundamental was on the blink.

I do keep fairly regular backups, and at work all the useful files are version controlled using trac - but none the less what a pain....

Luckily though it seems this was my laptop complaining rather than breaking, as overnight things mysteriously repaired themselves. So I put all the screws back in and it all seems quite peachy. I can only conclude that it cooked in the heat (30+ deg C at the mo every day).

So I've decided: Rather than cook my laptop on the way to and from work, I thought I'd cook me instead, using the bike to work and back. Despite being a 25km daily round trip it's almost twice as fast as taking the tram, so I get to save an extra 1/2 hour every morning which I can happily spend now standing in front of the A/C machine cooling off :)