All Change

13 June, 2006

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I haven't had much time to write in my blog, and perhaps that won't be something that changes - but I hope it is :).

Today was the first day in a new job, for the past few months I've been working in a small graphic arts company which has been an interesting experience and from which I have learnt some useful things and (hopefully) left my mark.

I'm taking a step away from web development, and moving into software quality testing (in various forms) of websites - although I still assume that I will find the time to write a few tools and experiments.

As we parted on reasonable terms, here's a link to the main websites I've been working on:

Los Cogollitos

I didn't write the site, but I did add significant improvements in terms of error handling, working in browsers other than Internet Explorer, and raising the website visibility (SEO). It's amazing what difference a google sitemap, redirecting old pages, creating relavent (and different) meta data, and a bit of logical thought can make. Or at least I think it will be; the changes only started to take effect on the day I left.

Here's some statistics from before I made most of the relavent changes: URL Trend Statistics

There has already been a shift of ~300,000 places in the Alexa rank, out of curiosity I think I'll check back and see how they are doing in a months time.

So, I wish Alex and Javi success in the future with their endevours, and should anyone wish to have some nice graphics for a site Hampa Studio is where you can find the artists behind the cheeky buds.