Github "Spring" cleaning

10 August, 2013

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Today I decided to cleanup my github account; lately I don't do much under my own name and many of the projects that exist under my username were either abandonned or obsolete. Unfortunately, github doesn't provide an archive function (a "keep the repo, but I don't want to see or hear about them" function), so instead they have been deleted.

What's affected?ยง

If you were using/looking at any of these repositories on giithub:

  • AD7six/cakephp-codesniffs
  • AD7six/cakephp-migrate
  • AD7six/cakephp-stinkypits
  • AD7six/mi
  • AD7six/mi_assets
  • AD7six/mi_development
  • AD7six/mi_email
  • AD7six/mi_enums
  • AD7six/mi_panel
  • AD7six/mi_translations
  • AD7six/mi_users
  • AD7six/mi_write
  • AD7six/skel
  • AD7six/translator
  • AD7six/unittest-demo

You'll find them in my Git archive.