Access Control for all (Part 3)

20 December, 2006

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You could be forgiven for thinking that I've not been up to much lately, after all it's a month or so since I wrote something on my blog. However that's not the case, and I have in fact been quite busy making changes here and there.

New Cakeforge Project

One of the things I have been looking at is how to better manage the content of this site, as the cost of progress is that bugs can creep into code. Some of these bugs have manifested themselves in such a way as to debilitate completely the interesting contents of this site for visitors. To ensure that there is always a version of the ACL admin plugin available to download, I have created the acl-admin cakeforge project to host the files. As such the online demo and download from this site will be a preview of changes that may appear in the cakeforge project.

Current differences

With a safe version of the code available on cakeforge, you can expect changes to the acl demo code in a rather more piecemeal manner. The next task sizable task for this plugin is to add the possibility to apply ACL to admin (routed) methods. The goal being to allow flexibility to be able to say that the user bob can access the admin functions of a plugin, without granting access to the admin functions of the whole site (or any other granular permutation desired). The code for this is still in progress, it shouldn't affect existing functionality and will just mean some links don't do anything until they are fully implemented.

Going forwards

With the birth of the cakeforge project, I will be using that as a means to mention new functionality and fixing/handling bugs. If you are using the ACL admin plugin and are finding problems or success please use the forum on the cakeforge project to let me know :).