29 March, 2006

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I received a question regarding why there is no possibility to add comments to my blogs. I'd reply personally but as my contact form (deliberately) doesn't force the user to supply an email address, I don't know who wrote it ;o). I know which part of the world you are aledgely in though (Gruezi).

The main reason is that I've been busy working on other projects recently and haven't yet put in place a few corrections I've got in progress for my personal site.

The current list of corrections in the pipeline is:

  1. Update the menu when a user logs in (currently the menu doesn't get updated, even though access rights do change. It's a mini session problem)
  2. Update my access control list, so that when any user except me logs in, they DON'T get greeted with a "access denied" message. This message is a complete red herring as it's referring to the login page, which you just used to login
  3. Add the possibility to add comments to my blogs. My blog is a 'roll your own' job, so I haven't implemented anything fancy behind the scenes
  4. Implement the (ACL) gallery I wrote almost a year ago
  5. Write a site map for anyone having IE problems, and also write a Google sitemap to try and improve my site visibility.
  6. Add some mediocre animation to my AJAX chatroom
  7. Provide the source for all the demos and tutorials
  8. Correct the rather amusing blog tag errors, which don't remotely reflect the data related to my blogs and tags
  9. Correct that annoying disappearing png problem in IE 5.0
  10. Continue my mission to save the world from Dorito poisoning, by eating all the Doritos myself

That's in addition to several sensible things that I should do such as updating my multilingual messages on my site, the i18n snippet that I published a few weeks ago and write a tutorial based on the cakeified code for the tutorials (implemented in the Demos section).

Now I am going to relax a little, as frankly working with ASPs in the day time, and trying to work on my site in my free time, can really tire a guy out ;o).

PS. Anyone a wizz at writing games with J2ME? If so can you write everything you know about it on the inside of a packet of crisps and send it to me :o).